Amount: 500ml Kashrut: KF Mirin is a type of sweet rice wine, and it is an essential condiment in many types of Japanese cuisine. Kikkoman Aji-Mirin brings out the flavor in teriyaki, sukiyaki, tempura and other Japanese delicacies. Fermented Grains refers to foods which it is produced with beneficial microbes.The flavor is unique.The Threonine in the Fermented Grains can help prevent memory changes.The main values is the variety of amino acids and minerals which can lower the food pressure and Cholesterol. Tianpeng Fermented Grains includes Sake, Mirin, Soy sauce and Vinegar without any preservatives. It keeps the grain's original nutrition and has the good effect for life with better flavor and taste. Tianpeng Fermented Grains takes the effects on the nutrition and health care. It instructs you to make more delicious cuisines. Mirin is a Japanese name. It can be called cooking wine. As it gets almost the same function with cooking wine. It is the indispensable seasoning of Japanese cuisine.


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