the unfiltered organic Costa d'Oro brings nature to the table and enhances it with its pure and simple essence. Unfiltered, it comes from cold-pressed olives and is selected from the best organic olive groves in the Mediterranean, where oil has been a tradition for millennia. It embraces food and dresses it with flavor, in a delicate way, an extra touch of nature for an organic and good oil. Contents: 750ml Rabbinical certification: ou, With the approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel

46 49(-6.12%)

Product Description

There's a special place in the heart of Italy; Golden Hills or passionate people have leveraged all their expertise to bring Place biological on unfiltered organic extra virgin olive oil as it comes from the mill made with olives cultivated faithfully according to the highest standards of the organic agriculture, our oil is unfiltered in order to keep the natural taste and richness of freshly pressed olives unfiltered method has roots in the tradition of our Farmers that we at Costa d'Oro a combined with the modern techniques of making oil "IL biological has a harmonious taste suitable for all types of dressing I'm cooking and is ideal for grilled fish meat and vegetables."

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