Organic red lentils 500 g Organic red lentils Red lentils are also called Egyptian lentils because they were very common in the Nile region in ancient times. The Greeks saw it as food for the poor and for them, instead of saying about people that they are rich, one could say "no longer eat red lentils". Organic - no chemical fertilizers and no pesticides. Uses: stews, soups, patties, spreads and more. Nutritional values: rich in protein, iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, folic acid and niacin. Tip - The cooking time of red lentils is very short because they are small, use them to prepare a nutritious and healthy meal even when you do not have much time. Allergens: May contain soy, gluten, peanuts and sesame seeds. Weight: 500 grams. Sift before use and keep in a cool, dry place.


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