Kashrut: OU 500ML 38% Alcohol in the bottle Krupnik is a Belarusian strong drink based on honey and spices. It has been known in Belarus since the 18th century. There was a ritual in the preparation of krupnik. To most talented masters of krupnik guests came over a distance of many kilometers. The hostess mixed honey, spices and vodka in a large clay bowl and burned them. The fire in the bowl combined spices and honey, made the mixture golden and teased the audience with fragrant aromas. By hostess command, the guests simultaneously blew on the flame to extinguish it. The drink was immediately served hot in small cups or glasses. Krupnik has become a symbol of hospitality, camaraderie and good company. Krupnik is a drink that can be served heated up to 50 degrees in small glasses or cups. It goes well with coffee or tea, especially in wet and cold weather. Krupnik is a great alternative to gluhwein.


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