Amount: 250ml Ingredients: Water, soy sauce (30%), refined vinegar, sugar, salt, starch as a thickener E1422, fructose syrup, disodium 5 inosinate as a flavor enhancer E631, disodium 5 gianilant as a flavor enhancer E627, xanthan gum as a thickener E415, caramel as a natural food coloring E150c , Yeast Extract, Sodium Benzoate as Preservative E211. Kashrut: Maor Hakashrut The teriyaki sauce originates in Japanese cuisine and is used as a marinade for fish and meat before grilling. The sauce consists of a mixture of soy, mirin, sake and sometimes also other ingredients like ginger or spices. The sugar content of the sauce, which comes from mirin, produces a nice glaze for the ingredients during grilling. It can also be used as an ingredient for seasoning in marinades, sauces and glazes and added to a variety of stir-fries or alongside sushi.


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