Vitamin D-1000 For Sucking Sensei Nature - 120 Tablets With fruity flavor | Sensei Nature sensi teva Dedicated formula for comprehensive treatment of the skeleton and bones. First it is a major mineral and its adequate consumption is essential in the years of growth and maturation during life. In order to meet all of these tasks, it is necessary to maintain a constant and stable concentration of calcium in the blood. When a deficiency occurs or when there is not enough calcium intake from the food taking the calcium supplement will help maintain the recommended daily calcium allowance. Rabbinical Information: בהשגחת בד"ץ של העדה החרדית ובהשגחת בד"ץ הרב אברהם רובין ובהשגחת הרבנות בית שמש

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Product Description

6 Benifets of Vitamin D :

  • Bone Builder

Healthy vitamin D levels can slow bone loss. It also helps ward off osteoporosis and lowers your chance of broken bones. Doctors use vitamin D to treat osteomalacia. That's a condition that causes soft bones, bone loss, and bone pain. 

  • Fight the Flu

Scientists are still figuring out exactly how well vitamin D can treat or even keep you from getting the virus. One study showed taking vitamin D drops in the winter helped lower the number of Japanese schoolchildren who got the flu. It’s clear it’s an important part of a healthy immune system. Your body can’t fight germs well if it doesn’t have enough.

  • Multiple Sclerosis

Studies show vitamin D may lower your chance of getting MS. It’s a disease where your immune system attacks the central nervous system. If you already have it, some studies show vitamin D can ease your symptoms or even slow the disease’s growth.

  • Cancer Connection