All our products Natures live foods& Pat shacharit are under the certification of Badatz Maor Hakashrut and  were made with bazatz ingredients.

Badatz Maor Hakashrut is a Vaad Hakashrut (association charged to oversee and maintain kosher quality standards) founded by Hagaon Rabbi Yisrael Meir Levinger, former Chief Rabbi of Basel, Switzerland, and an acclaimed international expert on all topics related to kashrus; Hagaon Rabbi Yisrael Meir Goelman, Rav in Kehillas Shaarei Tevunah in Ramot, Jerusalem; and Rabbi Yehuda Shereshevksy, a brilliant chemist and Torah scholar with extensive knowledge of kashrut and Halachah. Maor Hakashrut boasts a talented staff of dozens of trained, certified, and experienced mashgichim and kashrut supervisors. Each member of the Vaad Hakashrut Directorate brings his realm of expertise to the field of kashrut, inviting consumers and factory-, store-, and business-owners the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of kosher products of the highest caliber.
At the helm of Badatz Maor Hakashrus is Hagaon Harav Yisrael Meir Levinger, shlit”a, an illustrious rabbi and Torah scholar with vast knowledge of Torah and profound understanding of all intricacies of Halachah, particularly in the realm of kashrut and shechitah. He is an acclaimed world expert on kashrut of fish. Rabbi Levinger has authored close to a dozen fascinating scholarly works on kashrus, as well as hundreds of brilliant, insightful articles on the topic.
Hagaon Harav Yisrael Goelman, shlit”a, is the esteemed Rav of Kehillas Shaarei Tevunah in Ramot. He is renowned as a distinguished Torah scholar with broad knowledge of Halachah, and he is the official Posek (Halachic authority) of Badatz Maor Hakashrut regarding any halachic question or doubt that arises.
Rabbi Yehuda Shereshevsky, shlit”a, chemist and Torah scholar, is the Director of the Raw Ingredients Department of Badatz Maor Hakashrut. Rabbi Shereshevsky has many years of expertise dealing with the kosher food industry and the numerous issues that arise regarding kosher products, vitamins, oils, and raw industrial ingredients. His extensive experience has proven invaluable to the Vaad Hakashrut and mashgichim in the course of resolving halachic issues and intricacies that occasionally arise.

Rabbi Yisrael Meir Levinger: 972-2-657-1111

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