Join Our Recycling Program ♻️
We're excited to introduce our Recycling Program at Natures Live Foods.
It's easy, eco-friendly, and rewarding!
How It Works:
  1. Collect empty glass containers and jars from our products.
  2. Return them with your next order.
  3. Get credits:
    • 1 NIS for 200g-sized jars
    • 2 NIS for 500g-sized jars
    • 3 NIS for 1000g-sized jars
Simple Steps- During checkout remember to:
  1. Select the amount of jars you're returning. (only glass jars are accepted)
  2. you will receive your credit after your order is delivered and we collect the jars you are recycling.
Help us make the world greener while enjoying savings. Let's recycle together!

Recycle Program image