Ingredients Whole organic sprouted oat, water, salt, yeast Comes in 6 unsliced mini rolls Needs to be put in the freezer if not eaten two days after receiving the bread, since it does not contain any preservatives. Not for celiac consumption. Product description Sprouted grain bread is made from whole grains that have begun to sprout, or germinate. However, what you might think of as a grain is really a seed. With proper moisture and warmth, whole grain seeds begin to sprout into a plant. The sprouting process offers several nutrition benefits, compared to breads made from unsprouted grains or grain flours. In fact, sprouting changes the nutritional profile of the grains, making their nutrients more readily available and possibly easier to digest. Here are 7 benefits of sprouted grain bread: 1. Made From Whole Grains, Which Improves Its Nutritional Value 2. May Aid Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control Due to Its Lower Carb Content 3. Higher in Important Nutrients and Lower in Antinutrients 4. May Be Easier to Digest Due to Higher Enzyme and Lower Lectin Levels 5. Lower in Gluten, Which May Improve Tolerability 6. May Offer Protection From Chronic Diseases Thanks to Higher Antioxidant Levels 7. Easy to Add to Your Diet For the full article: Recommendations In order to keep your bread fresh it is recommended to slice and freeze it while it's fresh It is best to defrost the bread in a toaster Your bread became stale? Heat it up in the toaster and it will taste good as new To warm up the bread for Shabbos, put it on the hot plate before your meaI.


Product Description

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